Southwest Boarding – Best ways to get early boarding with the Airline.

Southwest Boarding

Southwest boarding is different from other airlines as they do not have assigned seating. So you can only select your seat on Southwest during the boarding. Southwest does boarding in groups in which the first group consists of 30 people and second will have another 30. You can check your boarding group by the boarding number on your boarding pass. To get early boarding it is recommended to do an early check-in for high boarding number. Southwest’s boarding process starts in front of the plane and people with business select tickets get the first chance to boarding.

Southwest Boarding Pass

You can get your Southwest boarding pass at the airport. Spot a Southwest check-in kiosk at the airport and fill out all your information. You will need your confirmation number to check-in at the kiosk. So make sure whatever your confirmation number is, you will get that on your confirmation email once you book the ticket. The other option for check-in is to go up to the Southwest’s check-in desk and check-in. You will need a form of a picture ID like a driver’s license or a passport to identify yourself.

To get your boarding pass at the home do check-in at the Southwest’s website or at the Southwest’s mobile app. You will need your confirmation number, first and last name to check-in online. Once you do check-in at the website you can print your boarding pass.

Southwest online check-in

Southwest Airlines opens its check-in exactly 24 hours before departure. So if your flight leaves on Monday at 10:00 a.m. you may check-in Sunday at 10 a.m.

You can visit the airline’s website or mobile app to check-in online. Make sure to checking in 24 hours prior as it opens, because several other people will be doing the same to get early boarding the plane.

Premium ways for Southwest boarding

Early bird check-in

Southwest Airlines sells early bird check-in options for $15 in which you will get an automatic check-in to your flight 24 hours prior. It means you don’t need reminders for early check-in. This feature can be added to your ticket while booking it online. It is recommended to purchase early bird option with your ticket to get the higher priority boarding number. Even the family boarding can be done with a single early check-in ticket.

Southwest’s Business Select Tickets

Southwest provides the upgraded boarding to the passengers with business select tickets. In which you will be in the first fifteen people to boarding and get a complimentary cocktail. So you will be the one who selects the window seat, middle seat, or any other favorite one. You can get this feature while booking your Southwest flights or at the airport before getting the boarding pass. The cost of a business select option which can be between $30 – $50. You may get some other benefits like free cocktails or snacks in business select fares.


If you want to be in A group to board your flight early for free then make sure to do online check-in at exact 24 hours prior to the departure. Get companion pass if you want to seat with your companion in the flight. Buy early-bird check-in or business select ticket to get higher boarding number. Southwest does open seating, which means you can only select your seat after boarding. So if seat selection is your main concern then get the premium options for Southwest boarding.