Phone Number For Air Canada 1-888-469-4661

Air Canada contact number for flights info & reservations

Book a flight

Dial phone number for Air Canada reservations to book a flight. Choose your departing airport and destinations, travel dates and number of passengers. 

Inquire for the latest offers on flights, vacations, and popular destinations. You can even upgrade your seats, purchase in-flight products, and priority boarding. Up to 8 passengers can be booked in a single itinerary.

Flight status and check-in

Know any Air Canada flight status by providing flight booking number and departing airport. Dial the number for Air Canada and check-in your flight with-in 24 hours of departure. Select your seat and add your baggage during the flight check-in. 

Get the latest updates on your flights at your email address or phone number. Add your extra items, overweight bags, and additional items to avoid delays at the airport. 

Seat selection

Seat selection can be made online as well as on Air Canada contact number. You can select any preferred seat while booking your flight tickets. 

The online seat selection works up to 24 hours of flight departure time. For basic economy tickets, seats can be selected at the airport during check-in. Aisle seats are subject to availability, so book your seats as soon as possible after booking.

Change or cancel flights

The phone number for Air Canada has an option to change or cancel your flights. You can make changes in your ticket information except the passenger’s name with an extra fee. The flight cancellation can be done up to 2 hours of the flight departure. 

Call the reservations desk to cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking for free. Therefore, you can add or remove a passenger in the itinerary only by calling customer care number.

Baggage information

Report the lost baggage or other items at Air Canada number. Get the baggage check-in and payment on the phone instead of the airport.

Know the baggage size and weight limits with the applied fee as per your destination. Confirm the list of restriction items on phone before carrying it on board. Additionally, get informed about the special items such as sport and hunting equipments. 

Latest deals and offers

Air Canada customer service number provides the latest deals & offers on flights and vacations. Get your email and phone number registered to be updated for the latest deals. 
Explore the cheap flights and vacations for popular destinations worldwide. Ask for a single-use promotional code which can be redeemed during the flight booking.

Phone number for Air Canada billing enquiries & refunds

Tickets and billing enquiries
Know your reservation’s status or request for an e-ticket by calling Air Canada toll free number. You can also reserve a ticket in advance and pay later to book online. Airlines usually hold your reserved tickets for the next 24 hours.
Refund requests and status
Request a refund for your canceled flight by calling Air Canada helpline. Usually, airline refunds the amount with-in 10 days after flight cancelation. Know your refund status of future flights and one way traveled flights. Refunds for tickets prior travel can be redeemed as e-credit which will be valid until next year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to take early or later flights in Air Canada?

Yes, you can make same-day changes in your ticket at the airport. In which you can either choose the same-day standby for earlier flights or same-day confirmed for later on flights. The same-day flight change charge depends on your ticket type which can be up to $75 CAD.

How to get the boarding pass for Air Canada flights?

Firstly, You can print your boarding pass after online check-in during 24 hours of flight departure. Secondly, you can get your boarding pass during check-in at the airport. Air Canada flight Check-in required your last name and flight confirmation number.

What are the required documents to check-in at the airport?

You must carry a government-approved identity along with the E-ticket. You will receive your boarding pass after the verification of your identity document and E-ticket. While traveling on international flights, your passport will be considered as the only identity proof.

How to get the refund for Air Canada flights?
You can apply for a refund on Air Canada official site up to 2 hours of flight departure for unused flights. Another option is to call Air Canada phone number to get the information about refund. If you have a basic economy or non-refundable tickets then apply for the refund within 24 hours to avoid extra charges.
How to change the name of passenger in Air Canada flight ticket?

Dial Air Canada contact number to make changes in your flight ticket. Airline only allows us to correct the misspelled name with an extra fee for changes. If you want to print some other passenger’s name then you have to cancel the flight. So, you can reissue the ticket on other names.

What is the best time to book a flight?

Most of the airlines introduce deals & offers on Monday evening. So, on Tuesday you can avail maximum discounts while booking flights. As per the online ticket booking platforms, Tuesday is the best day to purchase the cheapest flights.

How much Air Canada charge to cancel the flight ticket?

Like other airlines, Air Canada does not charge any cancelation fee within 24 hours of flight booking. Therefore, after 24 hours of booking, you may pay $100-$200 CAD to cancel your ticket. The charges depend on the ticket type and time duration from the flight departure.

What are the international flight change charges with Air Canada?

While traveling on International flights you can make changes in your flight with $300 to $500 as per the destination. If you want to make changes to the airport on the same day of flight then you may pay $75 to $100 CAD. To avoid flight change fees try to make changes within 24 hours of flight booking.